Your Space Journey

Starlink Internet – Is it right for you?

April 27, 2022 SpaceX, Starlink Season 3 Episode 5
Your Space Journey
Starlink Internet – Is it right for you?
Show Notes

Two Starlinks, two locations, two slightly different results. In this episode I tested out Starlink internet in two locations 1,000 miles apart. First we try it out in central Florida, then we go to Indianapolis to test another unit. We tested 4k, multiple 4k streams, FaceTime, multiple devices, upload and more. The results surprised us...

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About Starlink
Starlink provides high-speed, low-latency broadband internet across the globe. Using advanced satellites in a low orbit, Starlink enables video calls, online gaming, streaming, and other high data rate activities that historically have not been possible with satellite internet. Users can expect to see download speeds between 100 Mb/s and 200 Mb/s and latency as low as 20ms in most locations.

Starlink internet works by sending information through the vacuum of space, where it travels much faster than in fiber-optic cable and can reach far more people and places.

While most satellite internet services today come from single geostationary satellites that orbit the planet at about 35,000km, Starlink is a constellation of multiple satellites that orbit the planet much closer to Earth, at about 550km, and cover the entire globe.

Because Starlink satellites are in a low orbit, the round-trip data time between the user and the satellite – also known as latency – is much lower than with satellites in geostationary orbit. This enables Starlink to deliver services like online gaming that are usually not possible on other satellite broadband systems.

Starlink is ideally suited for areas where connectivity has been unreliable or completely unavailable. Without the bounds of traditional ground infrastructure, Starlink can be deployed in a matter of minutes to support emergency responders in disaster scenarios.Β  People across the globe are using Starlink to gain access to education, health services and even communications support during natural disasters.

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