Your Space Journey

SpaceX Crew-6 featuring interview with UAE Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi

February 22, 2023 SpaceX Season 4 Episode 3
Your Space Journey
SpaceX Crew-6 featuring interview with UAE Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi
Show Notes

SpaceX Crew-6 is launching soon, with many first-time surprises.

The sixth SpaceX commercial crew mission to the International Space Station for NASA is scheduled to launch in a few days from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

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The SpaceX Dragon spacecraft, named Endeavour, mated atop a Falcon 9 rocket will carry two NASA astronauts, Mission Commander Stephen Bowen, and Pilot Woody Hoburg, along with UAE (United Arab Emirates) astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi and Roscosmos cosmonaut Andrey Fedyaev, who will join as mission specialists. 

During its 6-month mission, Crew-6 will conduct new and exciting scientific research to prepare for human exploration beyond low-Earth orbit and benefit life on Earth. Experiments will include studies of how particular materials burn in microgravity, tissue chip research on heart, brain, and cartilage functions, and an investigation that will collect microbial samples from the outside of the space station. These are just some of the more than 200 science experiments and technology demonstrations that will take place during their mission.  

This is the first spaceflight for three of the astronauts, including Mission Specialist Sultan Al Neyadi who joins us today.

Sultan will be making his first trip to space and will be the first UAE astronaut to fly on a commercial spacecraft. Once aboard the station, he will become a flight engineer for Expedition 69. Sultan was one of two people selected from more than 4,000 candidates to become the first Emirati astronauts. He went through the UAE Astronaut Programme at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, or MBRSC.

The MBRSC is a space research and development agency based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Established in 2006, the agency is responsible for developing and operating space projects and missions in the UAE. The MBRSC has played a key role in the development of the UAE's space program, including the launch of the country's first satellite, DubaiSat-1, and the development of the Emirates Mars Mission's Hope spacecraft. The center also conducts research and development in areas such as remote sensing, space science, and space exploration, and has partnerships with international space agencies and organizations.

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